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Illustrious Potentate
Potentate Message December 2015
Nobles and Ladies, What an incredible privilege it has been to serve as your 2015 Potentate of Akdar Shrine. My first thought as I reach the end of this wonderful year is how lucky I am to have had the unwavering support of my beautiful wife Colleen Bear. I am so blessed to have had an amazing First Lady by my side. As I look back it seems like just yesterday we were attending the installation of officers and planning for the year. As we kicked off the year with our circus we had no idea that old man winter was going to be there for every performance. Snow and ice became the theme but it didn’t slow us down. You made sure every family that braved the weather to come out was greeted with a warm smile and positive attitude. As we moved into 2015 you continued to demonstrate your tremendous love of the organization through overwhelming support and turnout for fundraisers and social events alike. Here we are in December and I am writing my last article to you as your Potentate. Thank you t...
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